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Alphabeto greco

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Alphabeto greco es alphabeto uso pro scribere greco antiquo et moderno.

Descendente de alphabeto phenicio, alphabeto greco es antecessore de alphabetos latino et cyrillico. In additione, multo litteras greco es uso in scientias, notabili in mathematica, in physica et in astronomia.

Alphabeto greco antiquo

Littera Nomine Transcriptione
Α α alpha A a
Β β bēta B b
Γ γ gamma G g
Δ δ delta D d
Ε ε epsilon E e
Ζ ζ zēta Z z
Η η ēta E e Ē ē
Θ θ thēta Th th
Ι ι iota I i
Κ κ kappa C c K k
Λ λ lambda L l
Μ μ mu M m
Ν ν nu N n
Ξ ξ xi X x
Ο ο omicron O o
Π π pi P p
Ρ ρ rhō R r
Σ σ, ς[1] sigma S s
Τ τ tau T t
Υ υ upsilon Y y U u
Φ φ phi Ph ph
Χ χ khi Ch ch Kh kh
Ψ ψ psi Ps ps
Ω ω ōmega O o Ō ō
Combinationes vocalicas
Αι αι Æ æ Ai ai
Αυ αυ Au au
Ει ει I i[2] Ei ei
Ευ ευ Eu eu[3] Eu eu
Ηυ ηυ Eu eu[3] Ēu ēu
Οι οι Œ œ Oi oi
Ου ου U u Ou ou
Υι υι Ui ui
Combinationes consonanticas
Γγ γγ Ng ng
Γξ γξ Nx nx
Γκ γκ Nc nc Nk nk
Γχ γχ Nch nch Nkh nkh
̔ Spiritu aspero H h
̓ Spiritu lene Non trancripto

Notas et referentias

  1. Forma ς es uso solum in finale, et σ in omni alio loco.
  2. Aut e in finales -εῖον et -ειος.
  3. 3.0 3.1 Aut ev ante vocale.