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Encyclopaedia libero in [[latino sine flexione]]
Encyclopaedia libero in [[latino sine flexione]]
{{Box|title=Articulo notabile|content=[[Alphabeto cyrillico]]}}
{{Box|title=Articulo notabile|content=[[Alphabeto cyrillico]], [[Arithmetica]], [[Anglo]]}}
{{Box|title=Contribue|content=[[Special:WantedPages|Articulo volleto]], [[Special:ShortPages|Articulo breve]]}}
= Ad auctore =
= Ad auctore =

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Encyclopaedia libero in latino sine flexione

Articulo notabile
Alphabeto cyrillico, Arithmetica, Anglo
Articulo volleto, Articulo breve

Ad auctore[edit]

Ut proba cohaerentia de situ, nos quaere ad auctores respecta pauco regulas in forma de artículos:

  • referentia seque norma: Titulo, Editione, Auctore, Anno.